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Recent Final Grades


The Legend of Zelda: Breathe of the Wild
switch - released March 2017

This is the first game that we have graded.  How does the newest installment in this legendary series holdup?  Does it get a passing grade and set the bar high for it's competition or does it fail?  

Playstation VR - Released May 2017

Stranded on Alien World and being hunted down by unknown predators.  This galactic first-person shooter game uses virtual reality to immerse the player into the action.  Does it succeed or does it get lost among the stars?  Click the link below to find out.

UnCHARTED 4: A Thief's End
Playstation 4 - Released May 2016

With the recent release of Naughty Dogs newest addition to the Uncharted franchise, The Lost Legacy, we thought now was a good time to go back and review their most recent game that featured everyone's favorite treasure hunter Nathan Drake in what appears to be his final adventure.


Want to save while you play?

There are many ways to purchase your favorite games today.  Lots of PC gamers like to find great deals on gaming sites like Steam while console gamers usually look to their local stores.  In our first blog we discuss some of the best ways to save when you plan on buying new console games and how to choose when to buy your favorite titles.  Remember you can always save more than just the world.


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sometimes gaming is not the only way that we like to unwind. checkout this page to find out what we are watching and what we think about them.


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Are you looking for a new challenging quests that will test your mental skills?  Click below to learn more about the many secrets that our website has in store for any adventurer brave enough to uncover them. 


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sometimes it’s nice to enjoy the social gatherings that take place around a table with friends. on this page we discuss some of the best table-top and card-based games that we enjoy playing. we will also discuss deck ideas and strategies to help you get the upper-hand on the battlefield too. so please check it out.